Session Objectives and Transferable Skills

  • To be introduced to the R Universe, in particular the tidyverse and ggplot2
  • To be able to code something artistic in R
  • To begin to think more creatively regarding code and data analysis
  • To consider the beauty of code, mathematics and patterns
  • Basic introduction to the use of R and the tidyverse
  • Basic visualisation techniques using ggplot2
  • Creative problem solving and debugging


  • Introduction (15 minutes)
  • Part 1: (30 minutes)
    • Introduction to basic mathematical coding and patterns
    • Introduction to layered coding using the Tidyverse and ggplot2
  • Break (5 minutes)
  • Part 2: (30 minutes)
    • Integration of mathematical patterns into ggplot graphics
    • Experimentation and Exploration
  • Review and Conclusion (10 minutes)

Why creativity

  • Creativity is important for approaching novel and complex problems.

  • It can be applied both in the design and application of black-box procedures to problems.

  • Like many programming languages, there are multiple ways in R to achieve any singular goal.


From Danielle Navarro (@djnavarro)