Educational Resource Directory

This educational resource directory, is aimed at provided a point of reference for all resources made available or created by Thomas J Wise, and provided to the Office for National Statistics through monthly protected learning in the Economic, Social and Environment Group (ESEG; formerly Economic Statistic Group (ESG)). This directory provides reference content for the workshops provided, allowing for independently guided study, post-session content engagement at the users leisure.

These resources are certainly not exhaustive in their content relating to programming and statistical analysis in R, so please contact me directly if you would like to make a suggestion for a future session. Furthermore, as these sessions are provided voluntarily to the service, please consider helping me fund future projects through buying me a coffee.

Current Resources Available:

Upcoming Workshops and Sessions

  • January 2022

    • Machine Learning for Clinical Research - My Thesis in Review: Masterclass
    • Data Visualization for Business 1 - An Introduction
  • February 2022

    • NEW: Code your own Presentation with R, an alternative to PowerPoint
    • Data Visualization for Business 2 - Plots for Publication
  • March 2022

    • NEW: Code your own Documents with R, an alternative to Word
    • Data in R - Data Manipulation & Cleaning in R

Upcoming and in-development content

Please note all workshops are subject to change, with limited admission organised through the ESEG Protected Learning Team.