aRt with R - a creative introduction to R programming

Level: Introductory, No Experience Required

Keywords: R, Generative Art

Note: Please see Prerequisite Section Below

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Session Summary:

Coding is an ever-increasing skill used within data analysis, whether through Excel, Python or R. However, for many this may be a source of anxiety, with the thought that coding is only procedural with no room for creativity and expression.

During this 90-minute interactive session, we will work through how to create artwork and artistic designs using packages part of the Tidyverse. Although focused on the bare bones of artistic design, we will aim to explore more advanced techniques alongside the fundamentals of producing artistic patterns. So, whether a Master of R, or simply an interested beginner, all are welcome to come on this aRtistic-adventure. For examples of work please see:

Session Objectives:

  • To be introduced to the R universe, predominantly the Tidyverse and ggplot2.
  • To be able to code something artistic within R.
  • To begin to think more creatively regarding code and data analysis.
  • To consider the beauty of code, mathematics and patterns.

Transferable Skills:

  • Basic use of R and the Tidyverse
  • Basic visualisation techniques using ggplot2
  • Creative Problem Solving and Debugging in programming

Prerequisite Knowledge:

No experience in Programming is required, however some awareness provided through the Training Tracker: “Analytical Training: Awareness of Coding Tools” & “Awareness in Data Visualisation”, would be useful.

Prerequisite Content:

Access to R & Rstudio (R’s Graphical User Interface, or RStudio Cloud (Free Online)), Provided ZIP File .zip