Session Setup

Before the Session

  • Ensure R/Rstudio is installed and ready to use, on your machine. Or create a virtual session via RStudio Cloud. Instructions for how to set up and install this software on your ONS device can be found through Yammer or the IT service desk.
  • Either open up a blank R script, or download and open a copy of the worksheet from the Github Repo.
  • Ensure the following R Packages are correctly installed and loaded on your machine, using the following code.
## Install Packages

## Load Packages

  • Ensure that you have access to, and can correctly load, the required data set. For our session we will be using a bespoke data set created from data downloaded from the World Bank Open Database (WBD). This data is accessible through the downloadable here, .zip file, Github or from the .zip file provided by the calendar invite.

  • Additionally, ensure you have access to this sessions .zip file, which contains the Project file and other files used within this workshop.