Data Visualization for Business 2 - Plots for Publication

Level: Intermediate, some experience required

Keywords: R, Data Visualisation, Business Data, Publication

Note: Please see Prerequisite Section Below

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Session Summary:

Although correctly displaying information is important, preparing plots for publication or distribution can arguably considered equally important. During this hands-on practical workshop, we will dive into the more technical aspects of preparing data visualisations for publication including:

  • Specifying visual space: themes, their defaults and how to adapt them.
  • Specifying axis’s: scales, breaks and designs
  • Specifying Labels, Titles, annotations and additional points.
  • Specifying Layouts: ggarrange vs faceting

Session Objectives:

  • Understand how to apply good data visualisation practices to publish plots
  • Understand the flexibility of ggplot, and how to utilize this flexibility in producing publishable plots

Transferable Skills:

  • Using the tidyverse, in particular ggplot
  • Advanced functions in ggplot, relating to specific graphical customization
  • Creating standardized plots for publication

Prerequisite Knowledge:

Participants are must have attended Data Visualization for Business in R: An Introduction, or have sufficient knowledge to reproduce the graphic below:

Prerequisite Content:

Access to R & Rstudio (R’s Graphical User Interface, or RStudio Cloud (Free Online)), Provided ZIP File .zip