Package Loading

As mentioned within the Learning Material & Getting Started section, install and load the following function(s).


During this session, we will not be using any additional data, rather only using those data sets available through the tidyverse.

Section 1: Rmarkdown Basics

Exercise 1: Open a new R markdown document, either pdf or html, and load the tidyverse & rmarkdown libraries into the presentation

Exercise 2: Load the data set msleep, from the tidyverse package using a code chunk and print the first 10 rows as a head

Section 2: Specifying Metadata

Exercise 3: In the metadata, specify a relevant, title, output type, date, author and email

Exercise 4: In the metadata, relevant to your output type, table of contents, section numbers and dataframe display

Section 3: Code & Script in Documents

Exercise 5: Developing the code chunk from Exercise 2, display a summary of columns 3 to 8 of the msleep data

Exercise 6: Create a new code chunk, and produce a scatter plot between brain weight and body weight, which does not print the code in the final document

Section 4: Equations & Citation in Documents

Exercise 7: Write the quadratic equation using LaTeX

Exercise 8: Create a BibTeX database, and write a text passage which includes these references

Section 5: Exporting Presentations

Exercise 9: Export the document into the relevant format (pdf or html).