Code your own Presentations with R

Level: Advanced, high level and understanding of R required.

Keywords: R, Rmarkdown, LaTex, Presentations

Note: Please see Prerequisite Section Below

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Session Summary:

Despite the beauty of presentations developed in Microsoft Powerpoint or other services, these are typical premium products and require a large amount of development time which is largely manual in nature. Given the high pressure, fast paced nature of current business, streamlining the development of presentations which can be easily deployed, containing advanced, easily changed, data visualisations and statistical output information is critical. As such, this session is aimed at advanced users of R, or those familiar with Python or other programming language, to learn how to create presentations in R.

In particular, we will focus on:

  • R markdown syntax for creating presentations
  • Importing Data & Visualisations in presentations
  • Using pre-built themes for presentations
  • Exporting presentations into html, pdf or ppt

Session Objectives:

  • Understand how to produce basic presentations using Rmarkdown through IOSlides
  • Understand how to import existing data or visualisations to presentations
  • Understand how to apply pre-built themes to presentations
  • Understand how to present produced presentations through IOSlides

Transferable Skills:

  • Programming Presentations in R & Rmarkdown,
  • Presenting using Rmarkdown through IOSlides

Prerequisite Knowledge:

Advanced understanding of R & Rstudio as well as basic comprehension and understanding of Rmarkdown or other note book programming languages required.

Please ensure you can successfully setup a presentation, in line with the instructions presented in Section 1: Setting up presentations in R Studio, of the Learning Materials.

Prerequisite Content:

Access to R & Rstudio (R’s Graphical User Interface, or RStudio Cloud (Free Online))